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Jeremiah Cain was born in Mobile, Ala., and was the eldest of three brothers and two sisters.

He began writing as far back as kindergarten, creating a series of illustrated children’s book (unpublished) and various plays which were acted out with his sister as well as other children. Throughout childhood, his primary goals were to be a published writer and to make movies. Later, in high school, he became president of the Creative Writing Club (renamed “the Realm” during his term) and helped expand it to include visual arts.

Months out of high school, Cain left for the United States Army to serve as a medic. During this time, he set his writing aside, instead focusing on all the many pleasures so many young adults focus on when they move away from home.

After two years in the army and an honorable discharge, Cain moved to Atlanta where he eventually became involved with the Goth/industrial scene.

Currently, Jeremiah Cain is a writer whose works portray the darker recesses of epic fantasy. His passions for past theologies, myths, and magick create depth within his cultures while time in the U.S. Army brings both realism and structure to his armies. Finally, his role in the industrial scene shades his fictional world with tantalizing morsels of iniquity.

Cain has returned to his hometown, where is attending college with a double major in Creative Writing and in Film Production.

Jeremiah Cain

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