For the Betterment of the World: A Dark Epic Fantasy

A plague leaves countless dead. Afterward, survivors can only cry out “why?” An ancient man claims the answer: practitioners of magic. On tides of hate, he rises over Church and Crown. Magicians and their allies receive a death sentence, leaving a quarter of the people to ask: what do you do when your home declares you evil and demands your death?

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About the Book

Panic and desolation ravage all communities within the largest empire of Perdinok.

From turbulent hate, an ancient man rises upon a tide of accusations: his bony finger aimed at practitioners of magic. He seizes control of the Church and sways the king to execute all who do not bow to Church authority. Soon, a soldier struggles with orders to kill, as he must decide if what is “right” can change by Church decree. A normal townswoman must fight as her people are sentenced to death in the empire where they’ve lived all their lives. An elf boy sees the destruction of his peaceful home for nothing but a would-be weapon. A small nation must call on the Dark for help when the Light betrays them.

Throughout the world of Perdinok, a range of people have their lives upended as unrest turns to civil war and turns to war on other nations. Finally, the sanctimonious empire unearths an ancient power that threatens all. Only a Demoness can put things right, but she holds her own agenda.

In this epic fantasy series for adults, a quarter of the haggard populace must flee, hide, or die when they face the question: what do you do when your greatest ally or own home declares you wicked and demands your death?

Book in Progress: Sign up through Contact page for updates!

Series: Gateway to Perdinok, Book 1
Genres: dark fantasy, epic fantasy, fantasy
Length: 425 pages
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