In Domination of the Wilds: A Dark Fantasy Novel

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Is it better to seek help from an army of Darkness or face obliteration by the Light? In this LGBT, dark epic fantasy; this is the tough question faced by the people of a small nation ruled by druidesses.


About the Book

An army from a dark empire, Tridual, marches on the Drevite Nation—a nation they’ve deemed barbaric and plan to subjugate under the guise of protection. Yet the army’s second-in-command, Adratus, complicates the mission when he falls in love with a local, Ubaz. The residents further complicate things when they fight back.

Adratus and Ubaz must fight for their lives against Ubaz’s own people, while fighting to unite them. Yet the secret plan Tridual holds for the Drevite Nation strains the two men’s relationship. Can their love survive Ubaz’s learning of the truth?

All the while, a third nation, the holy Dayigan Empire, has unearthed an ancient power. They wait on the perimeter as they create an inhuman army. If they attack, they could annihilate the entire Drevite Nation.

Only a Demoness can put things right, but she holds her own agenda.

Note: This work is intended to be read by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for readers under 18.

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