A Plague of Hatred

The Encroaching Chaos series begins.

“This dazzling epic fantasy is packed with memorable characters in black, white, and gray.” (BookLife Reviews)

Welcome to Perdinok, a world on the verge of destruction. Roslyn's dream of becoming a healer and marrying her beloved Jon is shattered when hate-filled fanatics arrive to slaughter her mentor and lock eight hundred of Roslyn's fellow townspeople in a local inn--intent on burning them alive.

Resolute and courageous despite all odds, Roslyn rises to fight against these fanatics and their oppressive empire. Growing into the legendary resistance leader known as the Blue Rose, she must lead the last of her people as they face annihilation.

However, when malevolent powers from the Plane of Chaos seep into Perdinok, it's up to her to find out why. She calls upon her skills as an Azerent Mage to wrest truth from the twisted temptations and taunts that spew from the mouth of devious Harpies summoned from the Nightmare Realm.

Can she piece together their prophecy to save the world, or will it be overrun by Chaos?

Discover this dark epic fantasy novel about one woman's courage and determination in the face of adversity!

Contains adult material including adult activity, harsh language, and intense violence.

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About the Book
Series: The Encroaching Chaos, Book 1
Genres: dark fantasy, epic fantasy, fantasy
Publisher: Vyletra LLC
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Hardback / Paperback / eBook
Length: 389
ISBN: 9781734802474

List Price: $16.99
eBook Price: $2.99
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