A Plague of Hatred

The Encroaching Chaos series begins.

“This dazzling epic fantasy is packed with memorable characters in black, white, and gray.” (BookLife Reviews)

The Karulent people fight for their very survival,
crushed by the heavy hand of oppression from the Dayigan Empire, whose twisted faith requires them to eliminate all 'others' they deem impure.

Yet a young Karulent healer, Roslyn, rises as the only hope for her people.

She will transform from an ordinary healer-in-training into a legendary resistance leader – renamed the Blue Rose – as she enlists all of her skills as an Azerent Mage to stand up for her people and save them from destruction.

But when an Archbishop from the Empire unearths a mythical weapon that could annihilate all, Roslyn must make tough choices between keeping her vow as a healer to not take lives and saving her world from ruin.

Can she stay true to herself as she unites her remaining people against insurmountable odds? Or will they succumb to utter ruin?

Follow her daring story of resilience in the face of adversity within this dark epic fantasy novel.

Contains adult material including adult activity, harsh language, and violence.

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About the Book
Series: The Encroaching Chaos, Book 1
Genres: dark fantasy, epic fantasy, fantasy
Publisher: Vyletra LLC
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Hardback / Paperback / eBook
Length: 389
ISBN: 9781734802474

List Price: $16.99
eBook Price: $2.99
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