The Sorrow Passage: A Dark Fantasy Novelette

Brutal invaders upend the peaceful lives of elven townsfolk. Many are slain or captured.

In this gripping dark fantasy novelette for adults, the peaceful life of a young elf, Valqyer, is shattered when brutal invaders storm his town. As he fights to protect what little he has left, including his sanity, he soon discovers that he is their ultimate target.

Captured and driven to madness in a dungeon, Valqyer must endure helplessly as his mother suffers in a neighboring cell. But when the invaders' true motives are revealed, he must make a heartbreaking decision: assist them in igniting a war or lose everything.

With Chaos devouring him from within, Valqyer must find the strength to save himself and his mother before it's too late. This heart-wrenching tale will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Fans of dark fantasy won't want to miss this thrilling read.

Contains adult material including adult activity, harsh language, and violence.

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About the Book

The young elf, Valqyer, fights the loss of what little he has left, including his sanity, to save his mother and the remnants of his world.

Within this dark fantasy novelette for adults, brutal invaders upend the peaceful life of Valqyer and his fellow elven townsfolk. Many are slain or captured.

Afterward, he faces the reality that his life of art is shattered as he goes mad in a dungeon, his mother dying in another cell.

He can do nothing to fight back. Seemingly, his only option for escape is to help the invaders start a war.

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Series: The Encroaching Chaos, Book 0
Genres: dark fantasy, epic fantasy, fantasy, LGBT+
Publisher: Vyletra LLC
Publication Year: 2024
Format: Kindle
Length: 50 pages
ISBN: 9781734802481
eBook Price: $0.00
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